Avgustina was visiting Orlando from Kazakhstan when I shot her and her primary language is Russian. She told me she liked my Accent (lol). Despite the language barrier, she took direction well, although some things took a while to communicate. Apparently, “Put your weight on your left heel”, does not have an equivalent expression in Russian. I was pleasantly surprised to see her eyes are actually a beautiful hazel color instead of brown, which she listed on her MM profile. Everyone that knows me knows I love hazel eyes. I hope to have another opportunity to shoot with her before she returns home.

Avgustina #1-1 - © Darryl Glover
Avgustina #1-2a - © Darryl Glover
Avgustina #1-3 - © Darryl Glover
Avgustina #2-1 - © Darryl Glover
Avgustina #2-3 - © Darryl Glover
Avgustina #2-4b - © Darryl Glover

Avgustina’s Model Mayhem Page

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