16-May-2011 PCO Commencement
16-May-2011 PCO Commencement

Well hell. I’m 50 and maybe I’ve become forgetful, but I don’t recall ever feeling more proud than watching my Son, Darryl Jr. become Dr. Darryl E. Glover, Jr. O.D. (Sorry Michelle.)

He started school when he was just 4-years old. I can still recall much of his early education – Report Cards, Parent-Teachers Conferences, Home Work, Science Projects, etc., etc. I can recall so many of the twists and turns and peaks and valleys on the long road that led him (us) to Monday, May 16, 2011. It was a very long road. Nearly a quarter of a century.

I can recall like it was yesterday, helping him with a particular homework assignment. It was a high school math class and more specifically, it was quadratic equations. I kept repeating, “You can do it son. It’s not hard.” Deep down, I knew it was very hard, but I did believe he could do it. By the end of that evening, he did it. And he kept on doing it for many more years. I watched him study time and time again for hours on hours. It was hard work. He continued to apply himself and never lost his focus. For that I am so very proud.

Congratulations Dr. Glover. I love you.

I’m a Very Proud Dad

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