I recently read, “Megadeth frontman: Obama staged Aurora murders to ban guns”.

Shut up and sing. Though admittedly, I’m not a fan of this group or the heavy metal genre as a whole. We need to stop listening to ALL entertainers, athletes and the like, when they start talking politics. But unfortunately, they have the platform (stage/screen/field) to be heard.

I will allow, more than a few former entertainers and athletes have gone on to have successful careers in politics. Most of these people have very mixed reviews in my opinion. To name a couple … I think the jury is still out on the Governator. Former NBA point guard Dave Bing seems to be doing a decent job as Mayor in my hometown of Detroit, Mi. The late actor turned president can possibly be blamed for the current economic woes plaguing most folks, if you think Wall Street and the Oil Companies have run amok without regulations. (Trickle down economics? Really? Since when is anything that trickles good?)

But in general, entertainers need to stick to entertaining. Too old or just want a career change? Try teaching your craft to the young. You’ve made enough money and teachers are underpaid, so that shouldn’t matter to you. If you don’t have any money left, you’re too stupid to be taken seriously anyway. Athletes need to stick to their sport or get into coaching kids. I personally have fond memories of my days coaching youth. It was very rewarding.

So folks, unless they’re entertaining you with their God given talent, don’t listen or better still, tell them to shut up and sing. Leave the political talk to the politicians, pundits and of course – the comedians.

Shut Up and Sing!

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